Management Systems

Management Systems (SGs) are sets of rules and procedures, defined by internationally recognized standards, that any organization or company can apply to achieve defined objectives, such as customer satisfaction or the ability to continuously maintain its commitments and continuously meet customer requirements and be able to demonstrate this to third parties (i.e., customers or potential customers, regulatory bodies, suppliers or others outside the company).

A third party certifies the implementation of Management Systems ensuring compliance with international standards. The goal of continuous improvement of the organization’s performance in terms of quality, safety, environment or energy depending on the System’s objective is one of the fundamental connotations of Management Systems. Another feature of Management Systems is that they are international standards applicable to any organization, of any size and regardless of the sector to which it belongs.

The implementation of Management Systems brings a number of general benefits including the ability to access public calls for tenders in which having such certifications is often listed as a requirement.