Technical due diligence

Techno Energia provides technical assistance to real estate investment, development, and management companies need to perform a thorough inspection of physical and documentary assets-all of which takes the form of Technical Due Diligence.

The objective of Technical Due Diligence is to assess the administrative, cadastral, urban planning, construction, plant, maintenance and environmental compliance of real estate assets. After a preliminary analysis of the potential and criticality of the properties, appropriate strategies for their management are recommended. Actions necessary to regularize processes, costs and timelines in accordance with the law are identified. Our technical team, strengthened by its know-how, also offers all the necessary support for the possible regularization of aspects that do not comply with the regulations.

Our support goes all the way to closing, providing accurate capital estimates. In addition to standard surveys (urban planning/building, cadastral, rental, structural, plant, energy, fire department, etc.), we perform surveys in ESG (Environmental, Social, Governance).

We can perform urban planning/construction and technical feasibility studies (developments/reconversions), data room with document retrieval and staging, vendor due diligence, pre-deal due diligence, management due diligence, in support of property management activities.